The Home of Cottage Industry & Natural Sceneries

Antequera is an inland town in the southwestern part of the province of Bohol
is just 18.5 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City. It is a 4th class municipality with 21 barangays and

107 puroks. It is bounded in the northeast by the Municipality of San Isidro, in the northwest by the Municipalities of Calape and Loon, in the southwest by the Municipality of Maribojoc and on the southeast by the Municipalities of Balilihan and Cortes.

  • The Antequera Municipal Building

  • Mag-aso Falls..A verdant, crystal-clear cascading waterfalls..

  • The Basket-weaving Industry of Antequera

  • Holy Rosary Parish Church

  • Inambacan Cave & Spring

  • Bungahan Bridge

  • Antequera Public Market

  • Inambacan Spring

  • Antequera Municipal Plaza - located infront of the municipal hall building..

  • Camantong Cave

  • The Antequera Cultural Collective

  • Mandahunog Spring in Tabuan, Antequera

  • Scenes during sundays, market day at the municipal plaza..

  • Sto. Rosario Rice Field: a view from the Satellite Village in Sto. Rosario, Antequera, Bohol

  • A view from Kanlunsi Hills

  • Baskets displayed at the Antequera Tourism Information Center

  • The Municipal Landmark

  • During the municipal foundation day..

  • Large Basket used by Tribu Antequera during the Sandugo 2011

  • Antequera by air..

  • Baskets, baskets, baskets...

The municipality is principally has a rolling & rugged terrain with lowlands used for agricultural purposes. All barangays are accessible thru good roads the whole year round. Blessed with natural attractions, such as caves, springs & falls. Antequera maybe packaged as an adventure/trekking destination. Its mountain range and hills that straddles the horizons; its river that gleam in the sun like a silver ribbon; its fertile and well-cultivated valleys and plains; its rich and colorful landscape, – they all make up the 9,976.94 hectares of the town’s natural wealth.


Mag-aso Falls

Cascading and crystal clear water situated in Brgy. Can-omay, Mag-aso Falls lies within a property owned by the Municipality. It has a drop of around 20 feet and a basin of 10 feet wide.

To have a good view of the falls, one has to descend through 197 concrete and winding steps. The area is accessible to all types of vehicles and is about 5-10 minute travel time from the town proper. The area is being managed by the local government. The area receives an average of 90 guests per week, 70% of whom are local tourist and 30% are foreign tourists. Picnic huts and rest/shower rooms are available in some portions near the falls.

Antequera Baskets

Antequera is known for its basket weaving industry, whose products are widely accepted in the world market. It is one of the major sources of income of the Antequeranhons, especially the women. Baskets or handicrafts are being woven/made in almost all households after which are brought to the market for selling on sundays (market day), or to the cooperatives. Others are being exported abroad. Samples of the said products are displayed at the Antequera Tourism Information Center which is located within the Municipal Hall Building Complex.

An annual festival centered on the basket weaving industry is held in March of every year in observation of the municipality’s foundation day…

Latest News & Events / Activities

    October 18, 2012 – Thursday 4:15 am : Rosary/Novena/Mass 7:30 pm : Fiesta Opening Salvo (Night of Music to soothe your nerves. Featuring talents from Saved by Zero Productions) Sponsors : Saved by Zero productions and SMB Coordinator : Kag. Eduardo Merencillo October 19, 2012 – Friday 4:15 am : Rosary/Novena/Mass 7:30 pm : CKA Night (Variety Show) Sponsor : Christ the King Academy Coordinator : Kag. Lanibel labado October 20, 2012 – Saturday 4:15 am : Rosary/Novena/Mass 7:30 pm : LGU ...
    Antequera, Bohol (26 July) — The Local Government Unit of Antequera, Bohol in coordination with the Municipal Nutrition Council culminated the 2012 Nutrition Month celebration at the Antequera Multi-purpose Building. Municipal Mayor Jose Mario J. Pahang said his administration is serious towards eradicating malnourishment in the municipality adding that programs geared towards providing a healthy and well nourished community for Antequera children is part of his programs. He also solicited the ...
  • Winners of the 1st Boholympics from Antequera May 11, 2012
    1ST BOHOLYMPICS April 19, 2012 Tagbilaran City Name Event Award AIMEE N. ALERIACeling, Antequera 48 kilogram division/Kumite / Karatedo Gold Medalist Open Weight Division/Kumite / Karatedo Bronze Medalist CISELLE GUJILDEDanicop, Antequera Open Weight Division/Kumite / Karatedo Silver Medalist BOBY BALNAJACeling, Antequera 62 Kilogram Division/Kumite / Karatedo Gold Medalist KATA Event Bronze Medalist ANTHONY SELOBantolinao, Antequera Boxing Gold Medalist MARCELO SELOBantolinao, Antequera Boxing Gold Medalist HEIDI BOYRASPoblacion Sur, Antequera Chess Silver Medalist Coach KUMITE: ALBERTO MARANGA Coach KATA: DONALD ALERIA


Bid Bulletin

  • Bid of Notice Abstract June 18, 2012
  • BAC Notice of Award June 15, 2012
  • Invitation to Bid – Purchase of 1 Unit Fire Truck June 1, 2012
    Reference Number: 1838006 Procuring Entity: MUNICIPALITY OF ANTEQUERA, BOHOL Title: Purchase of 1 unit Fire Truck Area of Delivery: Bohol   Solicitation Number: 2012-05-002 Trade Agreement: Implementing Rules and Regulations Procurement Mode: Public Bidding Classification: Goods Category: Fire Fighting, Rescue and Safety Equipment Approved Budget for the Contract: PHP 1,300,000.00 Delivery Period: 60 Day/s Client Agency: Contact Person: Jose Mario Jabines Pahang Municipal Mayor ...

Barangay Bulletin

  • Brgy. Bantolinao – QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATION – 1st Quarter April 12, 2012
     Barangay Budget Accountability Form  No.2 QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATION For the Quarter Ending March 31,2012 Barangay.  BANTOLINAO Municipality .ANTEQUERA Province.       BOHOL Activity/Project Services Description                   (1) APPROP-RIATION RECEIVED TOTAL ...
  • Brgy. Canlaas – QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATION – 1st Quarter April 12, 2012
    Barangay Budget Accountability Form No. 2 QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATION For the Quarter Ending March 31, 2012 Barangay       : Canlaas Municipality  : Antequera Province        : Bohol Activity/Project/Services Description (1) TOTAL Appropriation (2) OBLIGATIONS INCURED Balance 2-5= (6) Previous Quarter (3) This ...
  • Brgy. Danao – QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATION – 1st Quarter April 12, 2012
    QUARTERLY REPORT OF FINANCIAL OPERATIONS FOR THE QUARTER ENDING March 31, 2012   BARANGAY: DANAO MUNICIPALITY: ANTEQUERA PROVINCE: BOHOL ACTIVITY PROJECT SERVICES DESCRIPTION (1) TOTAL APPR. (2) OBLIGATION INCURRED Unobligated Allotment Balance (6) Previous Quarter (3) This Quarter (4) 3+4 (5) 1.) ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGISLATIVE SERVICES           1.1 Hon. Of the Barangay Officials 392, 680.00   98, 040.00 98, 040.00 294, 120.00 1.2 Wages of Bookkeeper 3, 000.00   2, 500.00 2, 500.00 500.00 1.3 Supplies & materials 9, 592.00   4, 316.75 4, 316.75 5, 275.25 1.4 Traveling Expenses 10, 300.00   4, 890.00 4, 890.00 5, 410.00 1.5 Fedility Bond 1, 650.00   0.00 0.00 1, ...
Brief Historical Background

The Municipality of Antequera was a progressive barrio named AGAD, part and parcel of the old town of Maribojoc. Because of the growing population and income of barrio Agad, the residents filed a petition to the Spanish government to become a separate and independent Municipality.
A superior decree signed by Governor General Romualdo Crespo on March 17, 1876, officially created the Municipality of Antequera, the name derived from a City in Spain, the birthplace of Governor General Crespo. Mr. Simeon Villas was appointed the first Capitan Municipal (Municipal Mayor) of the town. On August 13,1880, the Parish of Antequera was officially organized. The first Parish Priest was Rev. Fr. Casto Sesma, with the Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, as Patron Saint.